Going to try something different

So I was looking at an old online journal I used to keep the other day and I thought about writing…it’s something I used to love to do. I also used to love getting into arguments with idiots. Well, looking at my options at the time, the FB and twitter variety, it leaves a lot to be desired. Multimedia is hampered by design flaws and interface issues, and simply linking something is a pain in the ass.

So I was like, maybe I should get a blog? Wait! I have several that I don’t use that are robust, up to date and easy to use!

What I decided to do is to use this platform more often, in my vein of character that goes with the name on top of the page, and review beers, talk beer and game stuff and other things I am interested in. As well as update you on my brewing schedule with Sanford Brewer Aaron Libera, talk about the home brew shop we run, the upcoming TV show we’re working on and Beer makes You Ramble™ that I do with Ken Martin from the Sanford Wine Company.

Up first will be a beer that I have been drinking a lot of lately. I will try to employ no “industry” language or highfalutin beer nerd terms that utilize a 45 count description of what 300 varieties of tart berry you taste in a pils or what grade toast level that wheat beer exhibits. Frankly, beer descriptions of late are designed to confuse and insult. I will tell you what I taste in simplistic terms that everyone can get, not just the 2% of people in the world with so called “highly evolved palettes” that find more joy in out describing other people than the drink they are describing.

So this first beer? Ol Red.

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