Sheperd’s Pie, an evolution of difficulty.

So, as you may have noticed, I tend to So since I made Sheperd’s Pie with actual ground lamb from in Sanford, I figured I’d share my complicated, but not quite as much as I’ve done in the past, recipe. Having heard the pontification of lamentation over the use of ground beef in said pie, I was still hesitant to use Lamb; I’ve never been happy with how cooking lamb turned out at home. Well, my fears have been dashed to death like a teen trying to lose their virginity at Camp Crystal Lake on a Friday, because this turned out GREAT! I took some modest ingredients and here we go:


Not pictured, the 14 beers I had before starting this.

Just potatoes, ground Lamb, Guinness, Cheese from Publix and a handful of other stuff. The cheddar cheese was VERY good, I’ll definitely go back for more. I started by browning the Lamb.

Brown Lamb

I added Soul-Glow.

I started the potatoes…

Irish Curse

Stop criticizing my cut on these guys.

At this point, I want to tell you that this dish is historically a simple leftover recipe whipped up in minutes. I take around two hours to do it, but it used to take me two days, because I would use whole chunks of beef and marinate them in a Guinness reduction sauce for 24 hours before use. While those pies always came out great, I never got to use the rue from the fat and thought about streamlining the process. I can be ridiculous sometimes.

Rue the day

Don’t worry, the other 11 beers got a good home.

This is the rue I love so much. Fat from the Lamb, flour, Guinness and patience.

I’m okay with multitasking.

Get it.

Slacker, you’ve still got a burner free!

I added onions, chopped, to the Lamb after draining the fat, then added FROZEN VEGETABLES because I hate you and you deserve my enmity. Also, lazy.

Rue is done…


The bubbles are extra deliciousness trying in vain to escape.

Potatoes are at the ready

I add real cream and butter because I laugh at my arteries.

Time to layer it, now. First, meat veggie mix and rue.


Or you can use Canola oil, heathen. I almost typed Heather. Where’s my head at?

First layer of cheese…



Potatoes, mashed, in…

I just punch the hot taters with my fists until they run smooth and then I seek medical attention.

Yeah, you are correct, but don’t be all “why the skins on, bro? We gotta problem?” Naw, Dawg, we do not. I don’t EVER peel potatoes when I mash them. I also use a hand masher always. ALWAYS! But then, I’m only cooking four or five potatoes at a time, so I can justify it. For Thanksgiving, for 8-10 people? Oh no, that’s not a mixer you hear, the cats are just shaving their butts again.

Another layer of cheese…

It’s fine, it’s good for you in a certain portion. Like, half an ounce.

Then I put it in the oven for 45 minutes at 350. I line the rack with aluminum foil because safety, then at 20 minutes in, when the fat from the cheese is starting to bubble, I add Panko bread crumbs for a nice, golden hue.

Consult your physician before slicing into this…

Once out, I’d suggest you let it sit for 15 minutes before doling out and eating. Of course, I say that, but I dive right in, burn the crap out of my mouth and eat a second helping immediately after the first because NONE OF US ARE GOING TO LIVE FOREVER AND IT IS DAMNED TASTY!

Big thanks to Habibi’s for making me a fan of grass fed, pastured Lamb again!

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